Buy Art, Plant Trees

We're aware that the paper we so dearly love, comes from a precious resource and we're committed to giving back more than we take - for every artwork bought through TORN Contemporary, we pledge to plant ten trees. 

As our skills and expertise don't lie in planting trees, we leave that part to the experts. To ensure that the trees your artworks plant are the right species, planted in the right location, at the right time, TORN Contemporary is partnered with the global, non-profit organisation One Tree Planted.

We acknowledge the climate emergency requires much more extensive action than simply planting trees, but as individuals we also believe in taking small, achievable steps to move towards an end goal. Global reforestation and the resulting carbon reduction is something we're proud to support here at TORN Contemporary, and we even prouder to make it a simple process for you to join in on too.

So, how would you feel knowing you were responsible for planting ten trees today...pretty good? If so, why not browse our curated collections now - we've even put together a special one championing all that we love about the natural world, which you can find here.

Thank you for your support you art-loving, tree-planting wonder you!