About Us

We believe in the potential of art to make life better. 

One of the ways we champion this belief is through our pledge to plant ten trees for every artwork bought from the gallery. Supporting TORN Contemporary is an easy way to contribute to global reforestation whilst filling your life with beautiful, contemporary art.

We exclusively sell works of art made on paper. Founded by artists, we know first-hand the freedom that can arise from working on paper - its immediacy nurtures a latitude of expression, technique and aesthetic. Accessing an artist's work on paper often reveals a wealth of intimate and dynamic pieces for collectors, invariably at a more accessible price than work by the same artist on canvas or board. TORN Contemporary opens this world up for you.

We love living on this planet even more than we love working on paper. To ensure we give back more than we take (and at the suggestion of the founder's wise, 6 year old daughter) TORN Contemporary plants ten trees for every artwork bought through the gallery. We also encourage our artists to use recycled and recyclable packaging whenever possible to send your artworks.

We believe in community and collaboration over competition. We select artists with whom we feel an affinity, and who demonstrate a thorough exploration of their chosen subject matter and style. We consider these indicators of passion, dedication and curiosity - qualities we respect and are excited to work alongside. If you'd like to get to know our artists better, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you for joining us on the journey you art-loving, tree-planting wonder you!

Katherine Sheers
TORN Founder and Artist