The To Be List - Kayleigh Harris #1

Kayleigh Jayne Harris - Artist To Be List
Why do when you can be?

'All that we are, arises with our thoughts' - Buddha

As we continue to play with ways to welcome you into the world of our artists, today we introduce TORN's latest gambol - the To Be List. Formed of five short questions, it is an offering to both the artist and to you. For the artist it is a moment to pause and consider how they move through this world. And for you, it is a new opportunity to see the world as the artist sees it.

Kayleigh Harris is the first TORN artist to give generously of her being. Above, is her hand-written response to the five questions, below, a transcript of her answers. 

- What brings you hope? -
- When were you last in awe? -
- Where do you go when you feel lost? -
- Who are you? -
- Why do you make art? -




Where do I go when I feel lost? I'm not sure I've ever really been found. Lost isn't a bad place to be - you can't explore somewhere you know, as much as you can somewhere unknown. I think in many ways we are all lost, it's an overwhelmingly consuming state, but it also presents the potential to begin to explore and understand. 

Hope. Something we have to actively seek, I don't believe that hope can be given by anyone but yourself. Much like the feeling of hopelessness - I often fall trap to seeking and demanding the extraordinary from myself, forgetting that it is already there, in and around. Hope comes when I stop and remember. When I sit in silence and hear the local birdsong, the crackle of a candle or the quiet hustle of the evening murmuration. Just to be is extraordinary, and this fills me with hope. Which is exactly why I draw. I draw lines, with them, to them and from them. They're conjured from moments of being - into their own state of being. Line is inherently human, it is core to my being and ability to make sense of myself and the world - a tool for understanding and hope.

I see drawing as an exchange, often an unequal one. Whatever I put in never quite matches what I am able to draw from it. Line, the trace, gives me energy. It invites me into a space to breathe and explore. I could ramble for pages, but to put it simply, I draw to be and line is the vessel into that space.

Would it be boring to say that the last time I was in awe, was the last line drawn? They're shared by all of us - line has the ability to unify. It's incredible how line can inform, comfort or inspire us in different ways. The very same line that came from my practice of being could evoke a multitude of emotion and ideas for and in, someone else. That is awesome. Something so simple in practice, yet so powerful.

Who am I? A lost but hopeful optimist, that just happens to be in awe of line.

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